Transform your products with unique 3D design tools

Improved performance and comfort. Create slim and light products. Striking aesthetics to improve brand recognition. Vary flexibility. Add targeted reinforcement and control. Customise with text, perforation, texture and graphics.

Automated 3D tools

Seamless integration with existing CAD systems and hardware. Simple parametric editing. Automatic shape and feature recognition.

Fast, powerful and simple

Complete solution from scan to print. Pick the functionality for your needs.

"Using their 3D Automation, Versoteq have significantly reduced our CAD process time and the costs to our business. I can highly recommend Versoteq.“

- Elaine Hall, Managing Director, Podfo Ltd.


A revolutionary, open, color 3D scanning application with anatomic landmark recognition.

Simple, fast, flexible, affordable
Using structure sensor

Designed with automation in mind
Automatic recognition of marks and anatomical features
Include prescription and design details within the scanning interface

Improve communication with the users and designers
Add 3D landmarks and notes
Include color, photos and text for improved visualisation
Use volume, distance and circumference measures to monitor treatment and aid design


Automatic feature generation from 3D scan and CAD data

3D automation - Automatic trimlines and feature generation
3D shape recognition - Recognition of shapes so that 3D models can be rotated to correct orientation
Surface to Shell - Extruding from surface to 3D shape
Perforations - Create unique aesthetics, improve comfort and optimize weight
Personlize with text and images - Add some fun and identify the individual products
Thinning / Thickening - Enhance performance and comfort with variable flexibility
Parametric edit - Upload design parameters for automatic design. Fine tune the design online.
Model fixing - Make the model 3D printable and review. Integrate to existing design software.


Perfect your design process with custom features or Integrate GoAM seamlessly into existing systems.

Add or automatically create your unique features and options

Personalize for clinical groups and service providers

Utilise the unmatched design freedom of 3D printing!

Pick and choose one or all of the modules based on your needs.

Contact us, we’ll specify the modules your product needs and give you a quote.


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Access the most advanced additive manufacturing technology without investing capital.

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